The Wine Estate


100 % unmixed! 100 % hand-picked!

Our winery has been a family business since 1979. Even though we keep up with the times, our philosophy is based on traditional values:

PASSION for nature and wine is all-important for our profession.It is the driving force in everything we do.

CARE is what we let flow into the work in our vineyards. Steep

terraced vineyards and a variety of soils make care into a particular

challenge, but these give our wines their very special character.

RESPECT is what we have for our vines. Year after year we get the

grapes and we carefully process them using our experience and


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On the occasion of a selection ordered by the magazine US National Geographic Traveler the Wachau, the valley of the River Danube which is a marvelous natural and cultural landscape, has been selected by a professional committee among 109 villages to be the most beautiful place all over the world.

In the following gallery you can see photos of the Wachau made by Gregor Semrad during his last photo flight and also other impressive pictures.

Flight-photos of the Wachau